Our satisfied clients tell our story best.

What a wonderful concept - executed to perfection. Rent-A-Wife is able to master the most complex and/or time consuming projects and bring them all to a successful conclusion. And, it's all done in a lighthearted manner. I highly recommend that people call "Rent-A-Wife" for the peace of mind and invaluable help they can provide.

Ivan Benjamin, Keller Williams Realty

Rent-A-Wife had what it took to work out getting the dog I adopted while studying in Spain to his new home in the US. I could not quite get through the red tape myself, but Rent-A-Wife got the job done. I could never have pulled it off alone!!

Victoria E

I am a busy single professional with little time to spare. When it came time to sell the house I had lived in for fourteen years, the last five as a single man, I had no idea what was needed to prepare and stage it. Rent-A-Wife took over, taking care of small but needed repairs, minor redecorating, basic organization, (including getting rid of junk,) and otherwise staging the house so that it sold in a weekend for well over the listing price. I never had to talk to a realtor or a repairman, as Rent-A-Wife took care of it all. They even arranged my movers, so that I was out of one house and in another in a single day. Their services were an absolute bargain. I was so pleased that I hired Rent-A-Wife to negotiate my new car lease. After a couple of hours, the dealers were trying to outbid each other on the lowest price, and I could not have gotten a better deal. I will save in the first three months what I spent with Rent-A-Wife, and will be realizing the benefit of the savings for years to come.

Thomas R